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Minaa AlMadina  Company  is characterized by many features that make it the ideal choice for its customers.
The most prominent of which is providing land, air and sea freight services at competitive prices and high quality. And using:

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Main services

Minaa Al-Madina Company services 


Land Transport

Minaa Al-Madina provides a streamlined and comprehensive transportation system that includes a range of truck options to meet your trucking and distribution requirements. Our trucking services cover a diverse range of locations, including offices, warehouses, exhibition venues, as well as neighbouring countries GCC region. We prioritize the careful handling, tracking, and precise distribution of all cargo, ensuring timely deliveries in accordance with our customers' schedules. We are the ideal choice for businesses and companies seeking to focus on their core operations while entrusting logistics services to experts. As part of our extensive range of services, we offer our clients a wide array of advanced and varied solutions, all while maintaining strict accuracy in handling various goods.

Air Freight

Air freight refers to the transportation of goods via air from one location to another. It is the preferred shipping method for customers seeking swift delivery and product availability, with our extensive network of expert freight forwarders at major airports worldwide, provides comprehensive Air Cargo Services for both importers and exporters. These services encompass direct shipment and air consolidated shipment of high-value cargo, perishable goods, project cargo, time-sensitive shipments, ship spares, AOG cargo, humanitarian aid for disaster relief, exhibition cargo, and more. Choosing a reliable Air cargo company in Dubai simplifies the process of booking commercial cargo dispatch services based on specific payload requirements. When you select the right company to manage your air freight needs, the transportation of cargo by air becomes a hassle-free endeavour. A professional freight forwarding company streamlines all processes and offers flexible and customizable air freight solutions Minaa Al-Madina is a modern, technology-driven cargo forwarding company that utilizes the latest advancements in freight forwarding technology to provide advanced transportation solutions to its customers in the UAE. We are committed to delivering top-quality freight forwarding services to all our clients.

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Ocean Freight

Minaa Al-Madina excels in Ocean Cargo Services, attracting customers with competitive prices and rates. We handle a wide range of large items, including furniture, household goods, machinery, cars, and food shipments via sea transport. Our specialized fleet ensures the safe and timely delivery of oversized cargo to its destinations. We provide flexible ocean freight transportation options, functioning as both a traditional ocean freight forwarder and an Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI). Our ocean services cover the handling of both less-than-container load (LCL) and full-container load (FCL) shipments, break-bulk cargo, Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro-Ro) services, and charter services. Whether it's general cargo, over-sized

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